Sunday, September 27, 2009


Kevin loves games.

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  1. Hi Josie,

    It was so fun to get home from work and see an email from you! Thank you for writing me such a nice note. I wish I knew how to put in all the little pictures into the email, but I don't know how. Maybe you can show me sometime. I really like the crab. You can write and type very well.

    Did you have a good time at Mima's house? What did you have for supper? Mima is a good cook, so I am sure you had a yummy supper. Was it sunny there? It was sunny here yesterday, but today it is foggy and cool. It snowed here last week.

    What are you going to be for Halloween? What does your costume look like? I hope you get lots of candy and have lots of fun. Do you have a special party at school? Maybe you can send me a picture of you and Maria in your Halloween costumes. I would like that very much.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time. See you soon!

    Love you,
    Aunt Laura